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Дни рождения синглов с бисайдами к ним, и альбомов по календарю:

3.01.1999 You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk, бисайды Lies, Sail Away

3.02.2003 Disco 3
3.02.2012 Format
24.02.1986 Love Comes Quickly, бисайд That's My Impression

11.03.1991 Where the Streets Have No Name, бисайд Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend
11.03.1991 How Can You Expect to Be Taken Seriously?
14.03.2011 Балет The Most Incredible Thing
16.03.2009 Love Etc, бисайды Gin and Jag, We're All Criminals Now
17.03.1997 A Red Letter Day, бисайды The Boy Who Couldn't Keep His Clothes On, Delusions of grandeur
17.03.1988 Heart, бисайд I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)
18.03.2002 Home And Dry, бисайды Sexy Northerner, Always
21.03.2009 Yes
24.03.1986 Please
29.03.2004 Flamboyant, бисайды West End Girls (dj hell mix), I Didn't Get Where I Am Today

1.04.2002 Release
4.04.1994 Liberation, бисайд Decadence
9.04.1984 West End Girls [original version], бисайд Pet Shop Boys
17.04.2010 Love Life, бисайд A Powerful Friend
20.04.1996 Before, бисайды The Truck Driver And His Mate, Hit And Miss
30.04.2013 Axis

7.05.2006 I’m with Stupid, бисайды Girls Don't Cry, The Resurrectionist
19.05.1986 Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money) 1986, бисайд Was that what it was?
22.05.2006 Fundamental
23.05.1994 Absolutely Fabulous
28.05.1990 Jealousy, бисайд Losing My Mind
31.05.1993 Can You Forgive Her?

1.06.2009 Did You See Me Coming? бисайды After The Event и The Former Enfant Terrible
15.06.1987 It's a Sin, бисайд You Know Where You Went Wrong
17.06.2011 Subculture [Stop Modernists feat. Chris Lowe: Subculture]
23.06.1997 Somewhere, бисайды The View From Your Balcony, To Step Aside, бонус-трэк Disco Potential
26.06.1989 It's Alright, бисайды One of the crowd, You funny uncle

1.07.1985 Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money) 1985, бисайд In The Night
10 июля 1954 - День Рождения Нила Теннанта!
12.07.2013 Electric
15.07.2002 I Get Along, бисайды Searching For The Face Of Jesus и Between Two Islands
19.07.1999 I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More, бисайды Silver Age, Screaming, Je T'Aime... Moi Non Plus
23.07.2014 Премьера концерта "A Man From The Future" по BBC Prom 8
24.07.1995 Paninaro’95, бисайды Girls And Boys (ремикс на песню Blur) и In The Night
29.07.2013 Vocal
31.07.2006 Minimal, бисайды Blue On Blue, No Time For Tears и In Private

3.08.2012 Winner, бисайды A Certain "Je Ne Sais Quoi", The Way Through The Woods и I Started A Joke
7.08.1995 Alternative
10.08.1987 What Have I Done to Deserve This? бисайд A New Life
12.08.1996 Se A Vida É, бисайды Betrayed и How I Learned To Hate Rock & Roll
19 августа 1981, по словам Нила, произошло знакомство Нила Теннанта и Криса Лоу в музыкальном магазине на Кингс-роуд.
30.08.1994 Yesterday, When I Was Mad, бисайды If Love Were All, Some Speculation и Euroboy

1.09.2013 Love Is a Bourgeois Construct, бисайды Entschuldigung, Get It Online
2.09.1996 Bilingual
5.09.2004 Релиз саундтрека к фильму "Броненосец Потемкин
6.09.1993 Go West, бисайд Shameless
7.09.1987 Actually
7.09.2012 Elysium
12.09.1994 Disco 2
17.09.1988 Domino Dancing, бисайд Don Juan
22.09.1986 Suburbia, бисайды Jack The Lad и Paninaro
24.09.1990 So Hard, бисайд It Must Be Obvious
24.09.2007 Disco 4
27.09.1993 Very
27.09.1999 New York City Boy, бисайды Casting a Shadow и The Ghost of Myself

2.10.2009 Beautiful People, бисайды Fugitive и Up And Down
4 октября 1959 - День Рождения Криса Лоу!
8.10.2001 Мюзикл Closer To Heaven, альбом саундтреков
10.10.1988 Introspective
11.10.1999 Nightlife
12.10.1987 Rent, бисайд I Want A Dog
12.10.2012 Leaving, бисайды Hell, In His Imagination, Baby
14.10.1991 DJ Culture, бисайд Music For Boys
14.10.2002 London, бисайд Positive Role Model
16.10.2003 Numb, бисайды Party Song, Bright Young Things и Psychological
22.10.1990 Behaviour
28.10.1985 West End Girls

1.11.1996 Single-Bilingual, бисайды The Calm Before The Storm и Discoteca
4.11.1991 Discography
4.11.2013 Thursday, бисайды No More Ballads и Odd Man Out
12.11.1990 Being Boring, бисайд We All Feel Better In The Dark
17.11.1986 Disco
17.11.2003 Miracles, бисайды We're The Pet Shop Boys и Transparent
21.11.1988 Left to My Own Devices, бисайд The Sound Of The Atom Splitting
24.11.2003 PopArt
29.11.1993 I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing, бисайды Too many people и Violence
29.11.2010 Together, бисайды Glad All Over и I Cried For Us
30.11.1987 Always on My Mind, бисайд Do I Have To?

8.12.1991 Was It Worth It? Бисайд - Miserablism
14.12.2009 It Doesn't Often Snow at Christmas, бисайды My Girl и All Over The World
28.12.2012 Memory of the Future, бисайды Listening (Demo), One Night, и Inside

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